Fashion Show

Tinyoni, in collaboration with respected designers and our talented, in-house trained ladies, presented a remarkable fashion show that showcased the beauty and significance of the iconic Shwe-shwe and African fabrics.

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Mpumalanga at Church Unlimited in Nelspruit, this event promoted the creativity, craftsmanship, and diversity found within African fashion.

The Tinyoni Fashion Show featured a captivating runway display, where designers presented their latest collections which blended traditional African aesthetics with contemporary styles. The garments, meticulously crafted from the enchanting Shwe-shwe and African fabrics, took center stage and offered a visual feast that pays homage to our rich heritage while embracing modern trends.

In addition to the runway showcase, there were opportunities to engage with designers, explore pop-up boutiques featuring exclusive creations and indulge in delightful refreshments. This event  provided an excellent networking platform for fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, and supporters of the Yami NPO.