Helping the environment

Our plastic paving bricks project represents our commitment to addressing the critical issue of environmental pollution and benefiting the community through sustainable solutions. By utilizing discarded plastic materials, we not only reduce the amount of waste being generated but also provide a practical and durable alternative for conventional paving materials. This innovative approach helps in mitigating the adverse effects caused by non-biodegradable plastics on ecosystems and landfills, while simultaneously contributing to solving infrastructure challenges faced by many communities. Our plastic paving bricks are designed to withstand heavy traffic loads, possess excellent durability, and require minimal maintenance, making them both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. With this project, we aim to inspire others in adopting sustainable practices that promote environmental stewardship while bringing tangible benefits to various sectors within the community. 

Free training

We will provide training in the production of plastic paving bricks. 

Cleaner community

Plastic waste is used to make paving bricks. 

Entrepreneurial training

Creating a business that will provide bricks and their installation. 

Recycle swopshop

Plastic bottles are not trash. We create an opportunity to recycle and receive useful household items